Letting go of possessions, living in a smaller space, and learning a new way of living is a big adjustment for anyone, but especially for an elderly person moving to a Senior Community. Will they like the new place? Will they make new friends?

One of our favorite clients, Moy, asked himself these same questions as we helped him move from a three bedroom apartment across town to a one bedroom unit at The Conservatory at Wells Branch last summer. We jokingly teased him that he would probably have a girlfriend a soon as he moved in. During our follow up visits to see how he was adjusting to his new surroundings, we found he had taken our joke to heart!

Lyn had also recently moved into a one-bedroom unit at The Conservatory. She had left her home in northern California to move to Austin to be closer to family. “I saw this man sitting by himself in the dining room, so I thought it would be kind to go over and make him feel more at home.” They soon became constant companions, enjoying conversation, watching T.V., and looking out for one another. They called each other “sweetie”, and even though they lived in separate buildings, still managed to spend every day together.

It was no surprise, then, when I received a call from Moy asking me to meet with him and Lyn to discuss the logistics of combining their 2 one-bedroom apartments into 1 two-bedroom unit. It just made sense. They wouldn’t have to shuffle from one building to another to see each other, and, as an added bonus, they would each save money in rent! “We had to present our idea to our kids to make sure we had their support.” Once that hurdle was crossed, Downsize My Home began helping them plan their move.

Combining very masculine furniture and wall art with a very feminine, traditional style was a challenge. Moy and Lyn worked out most of the décor decisions themselves, and with some downsizing and staging suggestions from our team, it came together perfectly!Moy and Lyn both declared, “We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!” On one side of their living space is a wall with Moy’s 2 hunting trophies – an eight-point buck and a large mountain goat. On the opposite is a loveseat covered in a flower-patterned fabric with delicate side tables. In between sits Moy and his lovely roommate, Lyn. They say this is their final move, and we hope they enjoy their newly combined home for years to come.