Downsizing / Move Management

Moving can be a huge, overwhelming task, especially for those with limited time or physical capability. Downsize My Home has experienced teams to help our clients with every detail, including:

  • Sorting and decluttering
  • Floor planning
  • Hiring and coordinating movers
  • Selling and donating items
  • Post-move clean outs
  • Preparing the home for sale

We use a step-by-step system outlined in the book our founder published, “How to Make a Downsize Move – Your Guide to a Rightsized Lifestyle.” Every move management client receives a copy of this book to help them customize their experience.

Downsize My Home was a lifesaver when we decided it was time to move out of state to be closer to family. The Downsize My Home team made an overwhelming task very manageable, providing hands-on help and resources for every step of the process. I can’t imagine how I would have survived without them!”    J. Flanagan – Minneapolis, MN

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How Do You Score?

If you answer yes to three or more of the below questions, you are ready to downsize!


I need an easier way to sort through belongings and make decisions.


I would like to reduce my monthly expenses for utilities and home maintenance.


Caring for the yard has become a burden.


I find I am only using a few rooms in my home.


I want to re-organize and declutter.


I want to get our home ready to sell but don't know where to start.


My kids are grown and I don't need all this space.


I want or need to move to a one-level home.


I want resources for selling and hauling off items I don't need.


I want or need to move closer to my family.

The Downsize My Home System Includes

A 65 page guide to downsizing and decluttering

Color coded sorting system for sorting and organizing

Resources for every step of your downsizing move

Downsize My Home System Results

Declutter easily

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in moving and storage costs

Reduce stress and potential family conflict