Who Is Downsizing?

I Need Help Downsizing Myself

We raised our family in the house we have now, collected lots of memories and stuff along the way. The kids are gone, but the stuff is still there – packed into a home that is too big for the life we live now. We’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller place, but where to start? How do we decide what to take with us and what to let go of? What do we do with all these things we’ve accumulated over the years?

I Need Help Downsizing My Family

I’m worried about my parents. I want to help them, but the demands of my job and my children leaves me with so little time or energy! Their health is declining, and their home has become a burden. Both Mom and Dad are resistant to making decisions about their belongings, and they’re concerned about the costs of moving. I wish there was a way to make this transition easier!

I Need Help Downsizing My Client

I currently work for Seniors, retirees or their families and they often have trouble determining what to let go of when trying to downsize. They have a large amount of belongings over their life and it may be difficult for them to part with items that may hold sentimental value. What is the best method of ensuring they can downsize in the best way possible that causes the least amount of stress for them and their family?