Downsizing Family Members

Common Pitfalls Downsizing Family Members

Family Conflict

Fighting among siblings about family heirlooms, mementos, and caretaking decisions.

Time Constraints

Rushing the process, which results in conflict, regret and stress for both the Seniors and their adult children.

Moving Too Much Stuff

Incurring additional moving and storage costs that can add up to thousands of dollars.

Missing Work

Loss of time on the job, sometimes resulting in reduced income or a sidetracked career.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert trained in working with Seniors to guide them through this difficult process?

Imagine having someone you trust to help them make decisions, plan their move and coordinate all the details quickly and smoothly.

Avoid The Problems

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Our Downsizing Specialists Are Here To Help

Getting started is the most important step, and our trained Specialists know how to listen, understand, and work with Seniors to honor their wishes while keeping their goals on track.

Introducing The Downsize My Home Move Management System

Because each situation is unique, this service comes with a COMPLIMENTARY INITIAL CONSULTATION to help us provide a customized solution and cost estimates. Every Downsize My Home service comes with a Downsize Kit that includes over $600 in discounts for services you may need during the downsizing and moving process. Our Color Coded Sorting System empowers anyone from 9 to 90 to make decisions, plan their move, capture memories, and feel more positive about this important transition.

Using Our Downsize Specialists For Your Senior Move Can Save Thousands

Moving costs

Storage fees

Monthly living costs for space no longer needed

Getting the most for items being sold