Downsizing Myself

Downsizing Your Possessions Is Hard Work

Many of us are emotionally tied to our belongings. Sentimentality is a powerful emotion and can be difficult to combat when we are attempting to streamline our living space. Furthermore, downsizing your belongings is an arduous process that can seem intimidating without professional help.

Enlisting Help Downsizing Is Difficult Too

No one wants to spend their precious time doing something they dread. And trying to get your spouse or kids to help you just leads to more feelings of frustration, being overwhelmed and stuck.

You may think the answer is to just get rid of it all or put everything you don’t know what to do with into storage to sort through later!

You may think the answer is to just get rid of it all or put everything you don’t know what to do with into storage to sort through later!

That’s a Costly Mistake!
According to the Self Storage Association, over 50% of storage renters will lease a storage unit for up to 2 years or more at an average cost of $175 per month – that adds up to $4,200 or more!
Selling or hauling off items you don’t need too quickly means you may undervalue some items and walk away with less cash.
Some of the things accumulated in your home have sentimental value, and tossing them away without letting the owner of the item process those memories can cause regret and hurt feelings.

Are You Ready To Downsize?

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There’s a much easier and more cost-effective way to make a downsized move!

Introducing The Downsize My Home System

The Downsize My Home System provides a step by step process for making sound decisions about your belongings and your home that will give you peace of mind, not regret. The comprehensive guide and hands on tools in this system will empower you and your family to:

Declutter easily

Move forward more quickly

Sell your home for more money

Coordinate the sale and/or disposal of items no longer needed

Preserve your fondest memories

Greatly reduce stress

Save money!

When you order your Downsize My Home System, you’ll also receive a Downsize Toolkit that includes a Workbook, Color-coded sorting system, measuring tools, markers, and MUCH MORE! Best of all, every Downsize My Home System includes your own Personal Downsizing Specialist to help get started and stay on track to reach your goals.

You get The Downsize My Home Toolkit with the comprehensive guide, color coded sorting system and tools, 4 online coaching sessions by our experienced Specialists PLUS over $600 in discount savings, a value of $1,300, all for only $139.00 plus tax and shipping.

How much is it costing you NOT to downsize?

How much extra are you paying for utilities, mortgage or rent for space you don’t even need? For many, it’s $500 per month or more. How about moving costs? Using the Downsize My Home System can cut your moving costs in half, a savings of up to $3,000! How much would you pay for a system and personalized help that would save you this much AND reduce your stress?

Don’t stay stuck with your stuff another moment!

Order now, and we’ll also give you a COMPLIMENTARY 3 month membership to our Downsize By Design Club. You’ll received additional tips, tricks and online discounts to help you declutter and redesign your living space to fit your life now!

Are You Ready To Downsize?

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We stand behind our mission to help you make downsizing easier. If you’re not satisfied after your first coaching session, return your Downsize My Home Kit and we’ll refund your purchase price. You have nothing to lose but the things that are keeping you stuck!