You may not be able to have in-person celebrations, but there are lots of ways to connect with family and friends that can be fun and meaningful.

  • Jazz up your video chats – set the background with colorful holiday decor. Better yet, have everyone on your video chat set their table as if you were all together and enjoy a favorite dish or dessert. Video tape the kids while they hunt for Easter eggs, or enjoy worshipping together.
  • If you have an Amazon device in your home, Alexa can create an Easter egg hunt. Open your Alexa app and under “skills”, search for Easter Egg Hunt and add it. When you’re ready, just say “Alexa, open Easter Egg Hunt”
  • If your place of worship has an online service, watch the live stream and sing along with the music!
  • Several neighborhoods are doing an Easter decoration hunt, walking the neighborhood in search of yard decor. You can join in by putting fun Easter decorations in your yard or on your balcony.