Last week my assistant Laura helped me deliver treats to some of the senior communities in our area, and walked away amazed. No, it wasn’t the beautiful decor, the resort-style amenities or state-of-the-art safety features that so impressed her. It was the people and the atmosphere. “Everywhere I went, I felt aLove as an art imagen atmosphere of love and caring the moment I walked in the door!” she exclaimed to me. She watched the staff at these senior communities take time to connect personally with their residents. They knew details about their families, their health and their interests. They cared, and it showed.

The number one thing we can give people is to notice them, to acknowledge them. The outdated stereotype of a nursing home where retirees go when they’re no longer useful is finally being put to rest by every person who works in a senior community and commits to creating an atmosphere of love that can be both seen and felt. I want to thank the  Independent Living, Assisted Living, Rehab and Memory Care Facilities in our community for “knocking the socks off” of Laura, and for the passion we share in loving an caring for seniors!