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Downsize My Home is your gateway to freedom from the Downsizing Blues. Don’t hesitate another minute and let Downsize My Home help you streamline yours, your parent’s, or your client’s life.

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Downsize My Home System

The complete Downsize My Home Systems consists of a comprehensive Downsizing Guide with tools and guidance to get you started and moving forward quickly, a Color Coded Sorting System, over $600.00 in savings from service providers, and 4 Personalized Online Coaching Sessions (30-45 mins each) with an experienced Downsizing Specialist.  If you have larger home, busier life, or too many distractions, you may need a coach throughout this process to help you stay on track to reach your downsizing goals.  Order additional coaching NOW at a discounted rate.

The basic Downsize My Home System is the Getting Started Package which consists of the Downsize My Home Toolkit, 4 Online Coaching Sessions*, and Discounts from preferred service providers.  Depending on your needs, you may choose to pre-purchase additional Online Coaching Sessions at a discounted rate.

Complete a full Roadmap of your downsizing priorities

Decide what type of space (current or new) is best for you now

Match your interests and abilities with your downsizing plans

Complete timelines and mini-goals to help you stay on track

Have reliable resources for tasks you don’t plan on doing yourself

Complete sorting and decluttering of at least one room of your home

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Getting Started Package

The Downsize My Home Getting Started Package is the Downsize My Home Toolkit Bundled with 4 Online Coaching Sessions to get you started and moving forward quickly.

Every Downsize My Home System includes:

Comprehensive Guide to Declutter and Plan Your Downsize Move

Materials and tools for the downsize process

4 personalized coaching sessions with an experienced Downsizing Specialist

Over $600.00 in discounts from Preferred Service Providers

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