Our passions are reflected in our belongings, and for Larry, this was no exception. An avid ham radio enthusiast, he had amassed a collection of radios, radio parts and other gadgets that were strewn across his desk, stuck in corners of his closet, and piled up in their 2-car garage.

When you asked him about his hobby, he would light up, telling stories about talking with other ham radio operators all over the world. His most impressive experience involved rescuing a girl in Brazil who was stranded and possibly in danger.

Not only did I discover that a hobby I thought was long gone still existed, I had a newfound respect for the world of ham radio operators. But when his family took me outside their home, pointed to the roof and said “What do I do with THIS Thing?”, I gulped. A 40 foot radio tower was hovering over his ranch-style home!

Luckily I found the Austin Amateur Radio Club. I emailed one of their officers and received a quick response. They actually have a service to dismantle amateur radio towers. They also find buyers for used radio equipment. If you ever run across old radio equipment, or glance up on a property you want to sell or buy and discover a looming tower, these are the guys to call. You may even want to take this up as a hobby. Who knows, you may help someone far away escape from a misadventure!

Please let us know if you have an unusual collection that causes you to say “What Do I Do With THIS Thing?” We might feature it in our next article, and will hopefully find the right and perfect home for it!

For more information on how we help people downsize and recreate a smaller living space that is spacious and a reflection of all their favorite things (except 40 foot towers), contact us today!

Kim Stanley