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  • Our current home is too much for us, but the thought of downsizing into a smaller space is overwhelming!
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    Just You & Me

    We raised our family in the house we have now, collected lots of memories and stuff along the way. The kids are gone, but the stuff is still there - packed into a home that is too big for the life we live now.

    Single Sizing

    Being single again has been challenging - both emotionally and financially. I still have my family and friends for support, but it doesn't change the fact that my home is now more than I need. I'd like a space that takes

    Moving Mom & Dad

    It's tough living so far from our parents as they get older. They have considered moving to a retirement community closer to where we live, but every time they look around their home at their possessions

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    Welcome to Downsize My Home

    If you have been considering a move to a smaller, more manageable home but don't know where to begin, this service has been created just for you.

    As Downsizing consultants, we help you formulate a plan that moves you from a home that no longer fits, to a new space that reflects the life you live today. From preplanning to getting settled in your new home, our system and resources assist you every step of the way.